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MOUNT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
to fix something to a wall, in a frame, etc, so that it can be looked at or used.: The children's' work has been mounted on coloured paper and put up on the walls of the classroom. The surveillance camera is mounted above the main door.
MOUNTED meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Mounted soldiers or police officers ride horses while on duty.: mounted police officers. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. See more results. Definition of mounted from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's' Dictionary Thesaurus Cambridge University Press. Translations of mounted. in Chinese Traditional.
Mounted definition of mounted by The Free Dictionary.
Mounted Battle Command On The Move. Mounted Battle Space. Mounted Battle Space Battle Laboratory. Mounted Battlespace Battle Lab. Mounted Combat System. Mounted Cooperative Target Identification System. Mounted Digital Automated Communications Terminal. Mounted Games Across America, Inc. Mounted Games Association Luxembourg.
Mounted definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
MacNeill, Alistair ALASTAIR MCLEAN'S' NIGHT WATCH 2004. Her attention was immediately drawn to the closed-circuit television camera mounted on the rock face above the locked security door. MacNeill, Alastair CODE BREAKER 2004. A not very helpful grayness suffused from the high ceiling windows mounted below the dome.
Mount definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
He mounted his horse and rode away. A man in a crash helmet was mounting a motorbike. He harnessed his horse, mounted, and rode out to the beach. Synonyms: get up on, jump on, straddle, climb onto More Synonyms of Mount.
Mount computing Wikipedia.
An automounter will automatically mount a file system when a reference is made to the directory atop which it should be mounted. This is usually used for file systems on network servers, rather than relying on events such as the insertion of media, as would be appropriate for removable media.

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