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Balloon Wikipedia.
The artists who use the round balloons to build are called stackers" and the artists who use pencil balloons to build are called twisters" Most commonly associated with helium balloon decor, more recently balloon decorators have been moving towards the creation of air-filled balloon decorations due to the non-renewable natural resource of helium limited in supply.
balloon Wiktionary.
2016, David Cornwell, Like it Matters And all I had to do in return was take a drive up to Ricardo's' place on the way home and then a pretty edgy one back to Rondebosch with a balloon of coke sandwiched between two pairs of underpants.
Balloon Ventures.
Casa Del Tourista Mbale, Uganda. A guesthouse and tour operator in Eastern Uganda. Investment: Balloon invested in 2019 to support further expansion and transform a previously unused roof space into a thriving restaurant and coffee shop. Growth: Balloon delivered training to improve customer experience.

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