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Tropical Definition of Tropical by Merriam-Webster.
1 a: of, relating to, occurring in, or suitable for use in the tropics tropical forests a tropical disease. b: of, being, or characteristic of a region or climate that is frost-free with temperatures high enough to support year-round plant growth given sufficient moisture tropical Florida.
Tropics Wikipedia.
Tropical sunset over the sea in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Tropical" is sometimes used in a general sense for a tropical climate to mean warm to hot and moist year-round, often with the sense of lush vegetation. Many tropical areas have a dry and wet season.
Tropical climate Wikipedia.
Sunlight is intense. There are three basic types of tropical climates within the tropical climate group: tropical rainforest climate Af, tropical monsoon climate Am and tropical wet and dry or savanna climate Aw or As, which are classified and distinguished by the annual precipitation and the precipitation level of the driest month in those regions.
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There is no chance of a tropical depression or tropical storm developing. Coastal impacts will continue from Florida to South Carolina early this week even though the chance of a tropical depression or tropical storm forming has now diminished. MORE: Hurricane Central.

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