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In English-speaking regions outside North America, such as the British Isles and Australasia, cowboy" can refer to a tradesman whose work is of shoddy and questionable value, e.g, a" cowboy plumber" 132 The term also lent itself to the British 1980s TV sitcom, Cowboys.
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Cowboy, a song by The Sugarcubes from Life's' Too Good. Cowboy, a song by Tyler, the Creator from Wolf. Cowboy, nickname for Keith Wiggins, MC from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Randy Jones singer born 1952, original cowboy in the band Village People.
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Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about cowboy. Post the Definition of cowboy to Facebook Share the Definition of cowboy on Twitter Time Traveler for cowboy. The first known use of cowboy was in 1623. See more words from the same year.
GitHub ninenines/cowboy: Small, fast, modern HTTP server for Erlang/OTP.
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Mason Rickets, he had ten big punkins a-sittin in front of his store, an them fellers from the Upside-down-F ranch shot em up. A man who identifies with cowboy culture, including wearing a cowboy hat and being a fan of country and western music.
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