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HEN meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
What is the pronunciation of hen? Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Try a quiz now. More meanings of hen. hen do, at hen night. hen do, at hen party. hen party, at hen night. hen night, at hen party.
How to Care for Laying Hens on the Small Farm.
Some chickens are raised for meat, while others are raised to produce eggs, and some are dual-purpose. People may use older laying hens for food, or raise roosters alongside hens but dispatch the roosters as young, plump birds for the table.
Hen Wikipedia.
Hazel Brook or Hen, a stream in Bristol, England. Hen Cliff, on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England. HEN, station code for Hendon railway station, England. Hen Island disambiguation. Hen and Chicken Islands. Henan, a province of China Guobiao abbreviation HEN.
What happened when I ate a spent hen Farmdrop Blog.
Spot the difference: organic free range spent hen on the left, high welfare free range chicken on the right. Why dont we eat spent hens? I ndustrialised poultry farming has removed the need to eat spent hens today, however it seems crazy that these edible hens are removed from our food chain.

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