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Suspend Definition of Suspend by Merriam-Webster.
1: to force to give up some right or office for a time The cheater was suspended from school. 2: to hang especially so as to be free except at one point A light bulb was suspended from the ceiling.
suspend Wiktionary.
1633, Robert Sanderson, Reason and Judgement Whether good men should be suspended from the exercise of their ministry, and deprived of their livelyhood for ceremonies which are on all hands acknowledged indifferent. chemistry To support in a liquid, as an insoluble powder, by stirring, to facilitate chemical action.
suspended Wiktionary.
1677: Baruch Spinoza, Ethics He asserted, that this gland is so suspended in the midst of the brain, that it could be moved by the slightest motion of the animal spirits: further, that this gland is suspended in the midst of the brain in as many different manners, as the animal spirits can impinge thereon; and, again, that as many different marks are impressed on the said gland, as there are different external objects which impel the animal spirits towards it; whence it follows, that if the will of the soul suspends the gland in a position, wherein it has already been suspended once before by the animal spirits driven in one way or another, the gland in its turn reacts on the said spirits, driving and determining them to the condition wherein they were, when repulsed before by a similar position of the gland.

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