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Hung TV series Wikipedia.
For his role as Ray Decker, Thomas Jane was nominated three times as Best Actor for a Golden Globe. The theme song for Hung is I'll' Be Your Man" by The Black Keys 6 from their debut album The Big Come Up 2002.
Hung Official Website for the HBO Series. logo. logo.
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Is it Hung or Hanged? Merriam-Webster.
It's' not that simple, however: most usage guides reserve hanged for people subjected to death, which means if an inanimate object is suspended from a gallows, the correct term is hung. Despised by the voters, he was hung in effigy.
HUNG meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
be hung up on sth idiom. hung, drawn, and quartered idiom. you might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb, at you might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb idiom. See all idiom meanings.
Hung Definition of Hung by Merriam-Webster.
past tense and past participle of hang. h Definition of hung Entry 2 of 3. 1: unable to reach a decision or verdict a hung jury also, British: not having a political party with an overall majority a hung parliament.
Hung definition of hung by The Free Dictionary.
in a state of confusion; emotionally disturbed. hung up on slang obsessively or exclusively interested in: he's' hung up on modern art these days. Usage: For most senses of hang the past tense and past participle is hung: I hung the curtains; he had hung the new painting on the wall.

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